About Me

Who Am I?

A little about me…. I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin and am the youngest from the family of 6 children. During my early years (this is showing my age), slides were the way that people developed and presented their pictures. I remember the evenings when the family would pull out the slide projector, put up the screen, pop some popcorn and view the pictures. By the way, being the youngest of 6 kids, there were not too many of me. I still remember people saying there is one of  Bob and then realizing it was my brother. I lived in Milwaukee until I met my wife and then moved to Charlotte North Carolina for a few years. We moved to the Seattle area in 1999 and have made it our home. 

Why Did I Get Into Photography?

There are two things that I can honestly say influenced me to now have such a passion around photography. The first is that all the slides and pictures that my parents had of our family's past were destroyed when their basement flooded. So there is no way to even physically look back at the older memories in my life or to share them with my children. Also my father passed away a few years ago and I realized that I have only one picture that I have to remember him by and that is now fading since it was not professionally printed so it will literally become a faded memory. I don't want this to happen to others. The second reason is when I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to many locations around the world for a few years. I took a basic camera with me and was able to capture so many memories of cultures, people and places that really made a great impact on my life from that point forward. So I sold my Harley and bought camera equipment.

Something to Think About....

Throughout everyone's life, changes are a inevitable.  No matter how hard we try to avoid these changes, the kids will still get older, the relationship may become challenging, and everyone’s age, body shape and physical appearance will change. To many people, these changes are labeled a “mid-life crisis”.  I do not agree with that label.  My philosophy is simple, we need to embrace changes as milestones in life and not label them as a crisis. I can tell you from my own personal experience that by embracing these changes in a positive manner versus the negative aspect, that life is a much happier place.  Just because things change doesn’t mean you can’t feel positive, confident or even sexy.  Since I am a creative person at heart, photography gives me a way to work with people and find a way to capture all of these in a memorable way. I want to be there to help anyone feel better about themselves and capture these great milestones in life.

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